Hiring is the most expensive process in your company, its efficiency should ensure the ROI sought from human capital.

The most important part of Hiring is interviewing commonly used to determine if a candidate has the skill set to perform the essential duties to complete tasks related to the open position.

Conducting a job interview must be a comprehensive exercise to clarify both technical abilities of candidates as well as "soft skills", such as attitude, potential, flexibility and motivation.

As an employer, you must remember that candidates come to an interview with the goal of giving you the answers they think you want to hear. As the interviewer, framing questions that do not reveal your preferred answers is more difficult than most people realize. With practice, you begin to develop an effective interviewing style that can be carried over from interview to another.

Take some time to really carefully consider what positions and candidates you need before you start conducting job interviews.

While it is important to make quick hiring decisions, it is equally important to evaluate every candidate in a similar way so to make the best possible choice.

To start with, writing an accurate job description portraying well the position is essential and for any good interviewing, it is important to remember: be realistic, determine what skills are essential to the position before beginning the hiring process and be specific regarding the outcome.

Interviewing is not the only way to properly assess a candidate's personality, educational abilities and work habits. Resume is also to use as assessment tool to determine if the candidate is a good fit supported by a background check to confirm information provided. The ideal interview process would include several interviews with the candidate, so that the candidate is thoroughly considered from all perspectives.

Each interview should encompass good setting and condition where maximum distractions are eliminated. When scheduling the interview, allow sufficient time to complete the interview without having to cut it short. Inform candidates of how the interview will be conducted to ensure ease and natural progression throughout the process.

It is important that both interviewer and candidate are well prepared. Interviewer should make sure that candidate’s background and general information are reviewed before the interview so that interview time is spent on more in-depth previous work topics relevant to the position provided in a probing way.

Using pre-determined discussion topics can keep the interview on track and provides a level playing field on which to compare candidates. Sequencing topics will help the interview move smoothly. Questions should move from easy to difficult and from neutral to sensitive. This flow will allow the candidate to feel comfortable and allow them to speak candidly about previous experience, expectations and questions regarding the position. When interviewing, strive to observe all non-verbal behavior in addition to spoken answers. You might hear some negative information or responses to questions asked, it is best to downplay the negative points. Make a mental note and try not to show concern verbally or facially.

The Interviewer should decide on the right technique to conduct an effective interview for gaining insight into the individual's qualifications and chances to succeed in a particular role.

Besides personal interviews many technological facilities can be used such as telephone or internet (skype, msn ¬Ö etc) interviews as a great way to start the process quickly and save time and money while screening numerous job candidates before a formal, personal interview.

These techniques give interviewer closer insight into the candidate and make the personal interview a more comfortable situation since there has already been a conversation between them before meeting.

A good closing of hiring process by discussing and making reasonable offers to candidates and offering them an appropriate on-boarding plan to enable them integrate smoothly your company in efficient speedy way to productivity.