Delivering Big Data Solutions to Telco Leader

In 2015, FSR Search was engaged on an initial management consulting assignment with a large telecommunications business in the Middle East as a project lead. The purpose of the assignment was to steer a group of internal analysts to formulate coherent insights for the executive team on consumer behavior and how pricing patterns affected consumer activity through purchase value and frequency. After disseminating a vast amount of information through a ‘big data’ exercise, the client was able to have access to the definition of consumer sub groups, thus better understanding the results of historic pricing plans and formulating potential ideas for forward marketing and pricing plans to support a matured and growing consumer base.

In response to this exercise, FSR Search were then challenged in finding a successor for the client; a Executive Project Management lead with a proven track record in statistical analysis, predictive analytics and consumer marketing strategies, carrying a deep six figure package. This was a very specialist assignment, only made possible by FSR Search’s deeply engrained technical knowledge and search capabilities. Utilising a network of industry specialists within this domain, FSR Search was able to provide the client with notable candidates from both the US and Europe, which were later taken under consideration by the board.

The end result: Another high profile consulting assignment delivered by FSR Search where technical competence was support by search rigour and a wide spanning network of industry professionals.