I held a senior leadership role with a world renowned brand and was seeking a new opportunity to further my career. FSR Search entered into a number of discussions with me to find not just an opportunity but the right opportunity for me and my family, which I nearly secured in 2014. They showed an interest in me, which is rare with headhunters. I remain in contact with them to this day and to some extent regard them as friends as much as they are search consultants. It is not often that you meet such intelligent and warming search consultants. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Group Supply Chain lead, Europe

I’m a US citizen that speculatively contacted FSR Search in 2014 to see if they could support me in finding a new role. I had the pleasure of engaging in various dialogue with their senior team and found them technically adept, well versed in terms of industry knowledge and accommodating. I was fortunate to be aligned to a very interesting role, which complemented their skill set and was successful in landing a role as a Commercial lead for a very well-known business in the Middle East region.

Head of Business Development, Saudi Arabia

I was contacted out of the blue by FSR in 2014 for a senior UK role. The role proposition was one of the most impressive briefs I have seen from a headhunter. They not only outlined the role and objectives but mapped out what they perceived to be the organisational challenges and potential ways to navigate these for a new entrant. I usually get contacted by a lot of search professionals but FSR are quite unique and they assisted me over a 4-week interview process to land the position of MD with a sizeable UK business.

Managing Director, London

I was involved in a challenging interview process with a leading Middle Eastern brand for a GM position. The role represented a big move for me and my family but through the entire process I found FSR Search well informed on the role and industry, personal in their approach in terms of briefing me on the position and also the Middle East cultural landscape and extremely proactive in keeping me informed of client updates. Certainly one of the most supportive search consultants I have had the pleasure of working with.

Head of Operations, Saudi Arabia